Cost effective and reliable power

Resorts, factories/buildings or telecom assets located in remote places with no access to national grid or connected to a poor quality grid have relied on diesel generators for the past 50 years. With lower solar costs, these sites reduce their fuel costs through solar PV production and/or energy storage.

These hybrid systems, composed of several energy sources, have their own challenges & complexity : reducing fuel costs while keeping site power reliability.

That’s where Elum solutions comes into play - leveraging advanced forecast algorithms - ePowerControl optimizes solar energy used and genset usage to provide OPEX savings.

Reduce your fuel costs even further

ePowerControl continuously monitors each connected equipment (PV inverters, battery PCS, genset controllers) to forecast site net demand and provide best energy and power dispatch to minimize fuel & maintenance energy costs.

ePowerMonitor web platform allows remote monitoring of site equipment status & consumption to ensure site uptime and energy efficiency. Remote control of site parameters directly from the interface reduce technical sites visits for isolated plants.


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