EV charging station in France

35 kWp
EV Charging in France 1

EV charging

The context

  • Product: ePowerControl EV + ePowerMonitor

Elum Energy provided an energy management system (EMS) for the KARRGREEN refueling station that offers two low-emission fuels: Biogas and electricity.

This EMS enables real-time monitoring, operation, control, reliable and efficient operation of the solar power plant, BESS, charging stations, and compressors.

The site is equipped with ePowerMonitor, a platform that allows following energy consumption online.

The EMS can acquire real-time data from various equipment of the service station facilities. It has an integrated programming logic to monitor, control and optimize the performance of the site facilities.

  • Layout:
    PV: 35 kWp
    BESS: 131 kWh / 88 kVA
    Fast charging: 100 kW


  • Inverters: 1
    Electric charging station: 1
    BESS: 1
    Green Gas Compressor (GGC)
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