Solar Hybrid to mitigate load shedding impact on South African businesses​
Even though the Covid-19 lockdown has given the opportunity and some time for ESKOM to implement new power plants, more are needed.
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Solar, battery, diesel integration of COSSMA YABUCOA Clinic, Puerto Rico
Solar+Storage: Battery types for solar systems
Are battery energy storage systems (BESS) the best solution to microgrid resiliency? If you’re interested in coupling solar with batteries to power your commercial or industrial buildings, read on.
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Empowering South Africa’s Renewable Energy Community with Elum x ACES Academy
On the 5th and 6th of October 2023, we joined ACES Academy to conduct a comprehensive training program focused on configuring the EMS of the SD and MC products using eConf.
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Zero export with multiple points of injection in Malaysia
How to achieve zero export with multiple points of injection
Systems with multiple points of injection can be difficult when factoring in zero export. Learn how to manage your site and avoid penalties.
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What is Load Shedding?​
Load shedding is the scheduled process of reducing the power supplied to a grid. Learn about its causes, effects and how to prepare for it and save money.
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Part 4- Off-grid battery grid forming- How to manage microgrids
Part 4: Off-grid battery grid forming: How to manage microgrids
This article emphasizes the significance of proper solar power configurations and efficient battery management in off-grid systems.
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Part 3: Off-grid – Genset Grid Forming: How to manage microgrids
Our article will explain off-grid PV diesel systems coupled with BESS, specifically those that use generators to form grids.
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Intersolar Europe 2023
Elum Energy geared up to exhibit once again at Intersolar Europe 2023, Europe's most prominent solar energy event held in Munich from June 14 to 16.
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Part 2- Solar + BESS System with Genset Backup- How to Manage Microgrids
Part 2: Solar + BESS System with Genset Backup: How to Manage Microgrids
This second article will focus on a particular configuration encountered in many countries and territories that are connected to an unreliable grid: the hybridization of a backup Genset system with Solar PV and BESS.
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Taking care of your solar installation could be our next challenge
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