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Utility-scale PV is foreseen dominating decentralized electricity generation because of its favorable economies of scale. Utility-scale solar plants provide the benefit of fixed-priced electricity during peak demand periods when electricity from fossil fuels is the most expensive. They can also be paired with energy storage to manage evening energy ramps, provide backup power, and increase grid reliability and resiliency. 

Utility-scale solar power plant owners require advanced control solutions to meet multiple operational compliance and interconnection standards in such a demanding environment. Besides, the project’s size and complexity, as well as the fact that the electricity is sold to wholesale utility buyers, bring new obstacles which make it even more important to partner with a sector’s expert. 



Elum Energy provides ePowerControl PPC-Grid tied, which is a customizable solution able to meet local grid code requirements, technical constraints from the IPP and final client for the Operation and Maintenance of the site throughout the 25 years of PPA Contract. 


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Elum's Solution

Elum’s ePowerControl PPC-Grid tied is a large scale solar power plant controller that comes with a monitoring system (remote ePowerMonitor and/or local ePowerControl SCADA) designed for utility-scale solar power plants. ePowerControl PPC-Grid tied can integrate a utility-scale solar power plant in monitoring and control.

Being a fully customized solution, it is tailored to the utility requirements and projects’ specific constraints, in the control algorithms and grid code. 


The Elum Energy PPC-Grid tied allows:

  • Custom control strategy
  • Active/reactive power control
  • Datalogging
  • Ramp rate control for active power
  • Reactive power control, Q or PF
  • Ramp rate control for reactive power
  • Apparent power control
  • Q(V) Voltage control
  • Frequency support (O/F and U/F)
  • Ride through interoperability
  • Dynamic redundancy
  • Bumpless transfer, steady control
  • Maximize generation and revenues
  • SCADA continuous operation and connectivity



Key elements

ePowerControl PPC controls the solar power plant according to the requirements of the grid operator.

ePowerControl PPC applies the instructions of the grid operator/aggregator and communicates the status of the power plant at any time. ePowerControl PPC Grid-Tied allows the management of decoupling requests/coupling authorization / P/Q setpoint telemetry.

Fitting project-specific layout/control requirements.

Compliance with country grid code while maximizing power output and plant revenue.

ePowerControl PPC controller curtails the exact amount of solar power to maximize solar penetration while avoiding any penalty from the grid operator.

ePowerControl PPC embedded user configuration interface accessible through any local web browser (LAN) allows for configuration of plant connectivity and equipment integration.


ePowerControl PPC

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