Elum Energy's PPC + SCADA Selected for 24 MWp Solar Venture in Aragón

Elum Energy marks a notable accomplishment with the successful commissioning of the first PPC + SCADA integration in Iberia. The project comprises six strategically positioned photovoltaic parks in the Aragón regions, covering a total area of 52 hectares and representing an investment of €18 million.

PPC Project in Aragón, Spain
Construction is currently underway for the six wind farms in the towns of Barcial, Orgas, and Pradillo. The project is expected to be completed by May 2024.

The collective installed power capacity reaches 23.82 MWp, with individual capacities of 3.97 MWp. This results in a total generated energy of 46,4623 MWh/year, averaging more than 7,700 MWh/year per park. The approach involves the installation of 40,824 bifacial solar panels of 575 and 580W. These panels capture solar energy from both sides, leveraging the bounce of the sun’s rays to enhance performance and generate more energy than conventional modules.

Of notable significance is the introduction of Elum Energy’s Scada & PPC technology to Iberia. Recognized for its precision, adaptability, and compliance with grid standards, this technological advancement signifies a notable step forward in the realm of solar energy capabilities in the Aragón region.
Khanya Gubangxa Content specialist at Elum Energy
Content specialist at Elum Energy

Khanya joined Elum energy in  2022. She has been reporting on solar and renewable energy since then.

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