Introducing: ePowerControl ES


We are pleased to introduce ePowerControl ES, our dedicated energy storage controller for standard applications. It’s a solution designed to give solar energy storage systems (ESS) the flexibility they need to manage energy efficiently and effectively.
Introducing ePowerControl ES
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Enhancing autonomy

ePowerControl ES provides solar systems with the intelligence required to optimize energy management. Its control algorithm ensures precise battery charging strategies, maximizing solar power utilization while extending the operational life of battery banks and associated energy sources, ultimately contributing to substantial fuel cost reductions.

Seamless integration and simplified setup

A key objective in designing ePowerControl ES was to facilitate straightforward integration. The controller’s plug-and-play design simplifies the installation process, eliminating complexities. Furthermore, the incorporation of eConf, our intuitive online configuration tool, streamlines setup with step-by-step guidance.

Key features for enhanced efficiency

Let’s delve into the notable features that ePowerControl ES brings to the forefront:

1. Comprehensive Energy Tracking

The controller logs energy consumption data, ensuring a thorough record for analysis. In cases of network unavailability, the data is securely stored locally, preserving its integrity.

2. Precise Energy Management

For grid-connected systems, ePowerControl ES allows users to exercise control over energy consumption. Customizable parameters enable load management, optimizing energy usage according to specific requirements.

3. Remote Monitoring and Insights

Integration with diverse monitoring platforms provides real-time oversight of the solar system’s performance, empowering users to make informed decisions regarding their energy usage.

4. Efficient Backup Power Utilization

In scenarios involving backup generators, ePowerControl ES ensures an efficient synchronization of solar and backup power, minimizing fuel usage and reducing environmental impact.
With a rise in energy storage adoption in the C&I sector, our newly developed energy storage controller is a logical and timely innovation. It aligns with the growing need for effective management of energy production and supports businesses to reach their renewable goals.
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