Addition of a 

storage system for 

Utility Power Plant

Addition of a storage system for Utility Power Plant


Many cities or industrial mining complexes are isolated from the national power grid. These entities are generally supplied by thermal power plants (generators, natural gas or HFO) with electricity prices that can vary greatly depending on oil prices or the logistics for transporting fuel. In order to reduce their energy supply costs, energy suppliers or industrial complexes therefore wish to add a solar+storage system to existing thermal power plants.

Thus the addition of an ESS allows :

  • increase the solar penetration rate 
  • to smooth the solar production curve on the grid
  • regulate voltage and frequency on the network according to the local grid code


Depending on customer or regulator constraints, ESS solutions can have smoothing or network support functions, hence the usefulness of a controller adapted to customer specifications.

Elum's solution

EPowerControl PPC is a controller connected to solar inverters (RS485/TCP), battery inverters (RS485/TCP), diesel generators (either directly to the generator controller or via meters), grid and site load (via meters) that automatically monitors and controls the output power of the PV and battery inverters according to the consumption and production profiles according to the constraints of the generators. 

The PPC controller also allows to define a rotating reserve for the generator set, a reactive active power management and to set the parameters for a frequency regulation adapted to the local grid code. The controller therefore allows a solar production in grid-connected or islanded mode ensuring the energy security of the site for high penetration rates (up to 60%) through the management of the minimum load of the generator set. The PPC controller is compatible with all Modbus-capable inverters on the market. 

Key elements

Extensive compatibility with the leading inverter suppliers on the market  

The PPC controller can be perfectly adapted to the specific requirements of the end customer

ePowerControl PPC manages the minimum generator load by clipping the PV inverter and charging the battery inverters.

ePowerControl PPC provides grid injection management according to the specific legislation of the country (injection limitation or net metering, adaptation to the local grid code).

The ePowerMonitor web platform allows to remotely monitor the status and consumption of the site’s equipment in order to ensure its performance and facilitate its maintenance via a personalized alarm management.


ePowerControl PPC

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Remote site monitoring platform

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