ePowerControl PPC

Power plant controller

ePowerControl PPC

Power plant controller

On-site controller adapted to power plant specifications

Elum ePowerControl PPC is a power plant control and monitoring system (SCADA) designed for large-scale solar power plant applications. 

It can integrate a solar power plant with a battery storage system (BESS) and several diesel generators. 

ePowerControl PPC is a fully customized solution, tailored to the specific needs of the projects (control algorithms and network code). 

The ePowerControl technology brings more flexibility during the design and engineering phases of the project.

Main features


Collection of all data and alarms from meters, inverters, gensets & weather station integration. Local parameters edition and data export to ePowerMonitor

Active/reactive power control

Ccompliance with country grid code while maximizing power output and plant revenue 

Diesel off mode

Switching off all the gensets and ensures spinning reserve through the ESS

Full design control

Elum control expert designs site control architecture to ensure system stability 

On-site commissioning

Elum commissioning engineer travels onsite to commission site controls

SOC management

Load-shifting, peak-shaving & self-consumption optimisation


ePowerControl PPC datasheet

Connection & configuration guide

ePowerControl User Manual

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SCADA datasheet


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